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Helping cities make sense of data Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 April 2015 17:00

Global Cities BLOG

There is little doubt that with the vast amounts of information that we are presented with on a daily basis, we are most definitely living in the information era. I suppose we always have been and now technology has enabled us to capture even more of what was already there. What I find most interesting and inspiring are the many different ways in which information is presented, from films and images to articles and infographics.

Even more interesting is the vast amount of information which is being created and is readily available from our ever growing cities. Local governments have made information more accessible in a drive for open data, so there is even more information available for us to harvest for interpretation and to present in innovative and fascinating ways.

LifeSatisfaction blog

Islington Has Issues - excerpted from London: The Information Capital by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti (particular Books, 30 October 2014).

One of the most recent and inspiring additions to our studio is the very visual book Information Capital by James Chesire and Oliver Uberti, which has 100 maps and graphics and certainly lives up to its claim of changing how one views the city. Equally inspiring is Dr Ed Manley's work (http://urbanmovements.co.uk/), which looks at movements around the city, the maps make for some fascinating viewing.

Many of our responses to the briefs that we receive start with discussing and storyboarding how to present information in an engaging way, tailored to our clients audience and message. One of the most recent projects that our graphics and editorial team worked on with the GLA and the TfL was the Transport Infrastructure Plan 2050. Our brief was to produce a set of infographics, maps and charts and over 600 pages of documentation which illustrate how London is expected to grow and change over the coming 35 years. 

TFL 2050

Excerpt from London's 2050 Infrastructure report showing potential population density projections.

A lot of the information came to us in table form, providing a blank canvas to start the process of working out how to present the information graphically, if indeed that was the agreed way we decided to present the information. We didn't want to over complicate the information for the sake of it and we kept this in mind with every piece of information, from looking at borough population densities against existing good transport connections to looking at tube crowding and times, we presented the information in a series of graphics and maps that the audience could scan and get a quick overview or interrogate the information further for more detail.

A film we produced for AECOM's The Global Cities Institute a not-for-profit initiative, draws on the company’s fully integrated planning, design, engineering and management capabilities to help improve cities. The ‘CITY’ graphic creatively evolves with each description which effectively and artistically explores this cross section of cities, questioning the approach on how to deal with these current urban problems.

There are many great examples of the different ways to present information especially from our ever expanding cities, please share your inspiring graphics, films, books, blogs, websites that also look at presenting information differently.

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Neoscape Projects in the News: March Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 08:54

Mead Johnson Nutrition moves to Chicago’s West Loop

Baby formula maker Mead Johnson Nutrition is relocating from the suburbs to the bustling West Loop of downtown Chicago. Crain’s Chicago Business reported that it hopes to attract and retain talent in this new area. Our rendering of the 52-story office tower now under construction illustrates the new location, where 200 workers will soon set up shop.


W Bellevue to open in Lincoln Square

This March, it was announced that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and Kemper Development Co. will open a W brand hotel as part of the $1.2 billion expansion of Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square. Puget Sound Business Journal features our rendering, which offers a look at the work being done in Lincoln Square, where the development is now under construction. The mixed-use tower will also contain high-end apartments, office space, retail, and dining and entertainment space. Hospitality Net also shared our rendering and has more details on the hospitality project and its contemporary design, which is slated to open in spring 2017.

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Becoming A Reality: Moshe Safdie’s Sky Habitat Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:54

We take what we do for granted, we all do.

A new project comes in every day, we finish it and move on. With all the great people and designers we work with, it’s very easy to overlook amazing things. Regardless, every day we try to make the best of what is given to us and transform a dream or an idea a step closer to reality.

We all get carried away with day-to-day tasks and find ourselves saying things like, “This is crazy!” or “How are they going to build this?”

Luckily, there are days and moments where we are reminded that what we do for our clients is not just any “crazy” or “impossible” idea. That the work we do helps convey the possibility of something that in the near future will be amazing.

Sky Habitat in Singapore is a project we worked on with Safdie Architects and Capitaland where we created renderings and a film. Before it broke ground, we loved it. We thought it was one of those “crazy” ideas but it inspired us to explore, create and be proud of what we do today, years after we finished this project and moved on to new things that continue to amaze our team.

Stop taking what you do for granted.

Photography credit: Safdie Architects

Photography credit: Safdie Architects



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Boston Design Week: Why Stories Matter Print E-mail
Monday, 16 March 2015 09:51

We’re excited to host an event for and participate in the second annual Boston Design Week. Last year we hosted “Building Brands.” Key takeaways included:  “Architecture is about stories that provide meaning to why a building exists and what it means,” and, “Stories evoke memories, create (and set) expectations and provoke conversation.”

There’s a very important theme in all aspects of branding, and that’s the importance of storytelling. Therefore, we decided to dive deeper into stories this year in our session, “Why Stories Matter.”

From a marketing perspective, the terms “story” and “storytelling” have become appropriated and misappropriated, used and abused, and in many cases reduced to mere clichés. And yet storytelling is not – nor should it be – the realm of the elite. It is, in fact, one of the most basic and primordial aspects of what makes humans different from other animals. We might be doing it with 140 characters or 15 second Instagram video clips, but deep down we all just want to share something interesting or meaningful.

In this session, we will examine not only the traditional elements of storytelling and how they can help shape marketing campaigns, but also the future of storytelling–and is it actually storymaking?–as it relates to our work.

Join us on March 26 at 3:00 p.m. ET for a one-hour panel discussion with 30 minutes Q&A. Wine and cheese reception to follow. RSVP here.

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Neoscape To Host International Drone Day Boston Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 13:35

On Saturday, March 14, Neoscape’s interactive director Sean Tierney will host International Drone Day Boston at our Boston studio. The event’s goal is to show the ways in which drones can be used for good and to further educate those who already use them.

The day’s events are geared toward drone enthusiasts and those who would like help with their craft. Events will include a panel: “Commercial use of drones in the U.S.,” a tutorial on whether the craft is air-worthy, a checklist and other materials to have before each flight and a meet and greet with fellow drone users. We will also discuss how drones are used in photography/videography from a real estate perspective, which is how we use drones at Neoscape.

And, good news! The event is BYOD (Bring Your Own Drone).

For a full list of the day’s events and to register, visit here.

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