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The following news articles are geared toward students and other professionals.
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Get to Know Lawrence Cymbura, Web Developer Print E-mail
Friday, 28 February 2014 13:48

We hear you originally worked as a professional photographer. How did you decide to transition into Web development?

My work in the field of photography helped me to discover an interest in graphic design. This interest inspired me to earn a degree in design and begin work as a freelance graphic designer. My various freelance projects got me interested in Web development, so I went back to school to immerse myself in that field as well.


Were you able to carry any of your photography knowledge into website development?

Yes, the knowledge of Photoshop has been a great asset in Web.


What are you most looking forward to while working at Neoscape?

I am looking forward to gaining more experience and getting to know my co-workers better.


When you’re not busy developing websites at Neoscape, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to play guitar, watch movies, go to concerts and hang out with friends.


If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

I would probably be a bird because it would be cool to fly.


Neoscape employees have pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to beer…There’s always something new in the kegerator. On that note, what’s your favorite type of beer?

I am a big fan of IPA.


What would your last meal be?

Taco Bell

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Get to know Elle Benway, Freelance Graphic Designer Print E-mail
Friday, 21 February 2014 13:22

You recently relocated to Massachusetts from Wisconsin. Why did you decide to move to Massachusetts?

I don’t exactly have a reason for landing in Mass. The move was based on the impulse of needing to experience the energy of a larger city. I wasn’t ready to make the move to New York, but I still wanted a scene where design is prominent and the culture is energetic. Boston just seemed like the place to be. Not to mention, I heard those lyrics, “I think I’ll go to Boston” and was like, “Yeah! Good idea!” So, here I am.


What are you most looking forward to while working at Neoscape?

I’m excited about the atmosphere. It’s motivating to be surrounded by gifted creative people. Neoscape is a place where everyone can look at the same thing but see something completely different, and together use those viewpoints to produce intriguing stories for our clients. With that kind of dynamic, progressive things will happen and that’s exhilarating to me.


Where do you turn for design inspiration?

There are a few things I do when I’m in a rut with my work. First, I immerse myself in unexpected mediums for inspiration in the hopes that playing with a new material will somehow bridge the gaps on projects I’m stuck with. This next is embarrassing to admit, but I also like to sit in laundromats with a readily available sketchbook. There’s something about being at a laundromat that gets me thinking. Maybe it’s the comforting heat from the dryers, or the people watching, but whatever it is, I always end up being able to “brain-dump” a ton of concepts and sketches.


We hear you love Shark Week. What do you love so much about it and do you have a favorite type of shark?

I LOVE Shark Week! It’s fascinating. I plan my entire year around the first week of August. In fact, it’s gotten so out of hand that the whole week I will only drink blue Gatorade with Swedish Fish floating in it. I don’t particularly have a favorite shark. It would probably be one of the top five deadliest sharks, though (Shortfin Mako Shark, Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Tiger Shark, the Great White Shark, or the most deadly, the Bull Shark). Get ready Neoscape; only 164 days, 5 hours, and 42 minutes till Shark Week 2014!!  http://sharkweekcountdown.com


Neoscape employees have pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to beer…There’s always something new in the kegerator. On that note, what’s your favorite type of beer?

Hands down, my favorite beer is Spotted Cow (Of course, I’m also biased towards Wisconsin farmhouse ales). Also, I’ve been looking for it everywhere on the East Coast but New Glarus just hasn’t made its way out here yet. So, unless Wisconsin will ship us a keg, I’m sad to say our kegerator may never get to host such satisfying Wisconsin ale.


If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Good question, I love a good dinner party! I would probably invite the following people:

Martha Stewart—because I’m hoping she would give me a few pointers while making dinner. And when I say “give me a few pointers” I mean take over my kitchen while I mixed a cocktail and directed her around my pantry. But she could stay and eat with the rest of us, I guess.

Ellen DeGeneres—because she’s pretty funny and would guarantee lively dinner conversation.

Mr. Rogers—because I feel like he’d be a gracious guest.

Milton Glaser—because he’s one of my favorite designers and I’ve always wanted to meet him.

Oprah—because she would probably have some amazing gift hidden under my seat.

Aaron Rodgers—for obvious eye-candy reasons.


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The Neoscape Employee Exchange Program Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 12:25

Here at Neoscape we pride ourselves on being a tightknit group with a strong company culture. Though we have studios in two separate cities, we work as one large team, always finding new ways to collaborate and make sure employees at each studio are provided the opportunity to interact with their peers in the other. We do this in many ways from company-wide events, to Skyping into meetings or hosting an employee exchange program. The employee exchange program gives a Boston and a New York employee the chance to swap desks for a few days, allowing them the opportunity to deepen the connection between both studios by working in-person with a team they normally interact with via email or phone calls. Digital artists Jerry Chen and Sunny Lee recently swapped desks and here’s what Sunny had to say after spending several days in the Boston studio:


What do you like about working in the New York studio?

Ryan Cohen. He is the most talented singer / guitar player I know. He consistently fills our studio with joyous hits of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.


What was the best part about working in the Boston studio for a few days?

Meticulously scattering food crumbs around Jerry Chen’s desk.


For you, how is working in the Boston studio different from working in the NYC studio?

The Boston studio has nicer toilets, more render blades and an icemaker!


Which studio has a better beer Friday? Boston or New York?

Boston. Hands down. But New York’s beer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are second to none.


Coming from NYC, how did it feel to have so few lunch options near the Boston studio?

Au Bon Pain is a fine establishment.


When you weren’t working, what did you do for fun while you were in Boston?

I spent most of my free time pensively gazing out of various windows.

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Maya history comes to life in designs of Museo Maya de América Print E-mail
Friday, 31 January 2014 08:56

This week, the collaborative designs of Harry Gugger Studio and Boston-based over,under were unveiled for the Museo Maya de América in Guatemala City. The museum, totaling 60,000 square feet, will be the largest museum of Mayan culture. Located on the northern edge of L’Aurora Park, the museum will be open to the public, showing objects, artifacts, artworks, textiles, and information on the history and culture of the Maya civilization.

The design of Museo Maya de América draws inspiration from the language of traditional Maya temple architecture without directly replicating it. The renderings below, which we designed and which won the prestigious Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize, show the central court, the cenote, the landscaped roof, and the exhibition floors organized in a checkerboard of galleries and circulation areas.

Construction is expected to start in 2015 with completion in 2017.

MuseoMayo_Rooftop_Neoscape MuseoMayo_Park_NoMoss_Neoscape MuseoMayo_Hero_NoMoss_Neoscape MuseoMayo_GreatHall_Neoscape MuseoMayo_Cenote_KEY2 Add a comment
Why Not All Drones Are Bad Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 11:38

News that State Sen. Robert Hedlund’s bill to restrict the use of drones will go before the legislature’s Committee on Transportation later this month caught us by surprise at Neoscape. While we understand concerns many people have about the use of drones – in war or spying – not all drones are bad.

In fact, just today we saw this story about how drones are being used to save endangered animals in Africa, and can help farmers survey crops, or inspectors examine power lines.

In our business, drones are one of the newest and most effective visualization tools that we are using for marketing real estate development projects.

Neoscape’s drone, which we designed, outfitted with a GPS locator, equipped with sensors and programmed to hover and move on command, enables super high-def photography of nonexistent buildings that we combine with other images for a virtual rendering.  This technique replaces taking pictures from a rooftop of a nearby building, or using a crane – both options that may not always be possible or practical, as was the case at Pier 4 in Boston.

For that client, New England Development, we attached a GoPro camera to our drone and created renderings, not yet public, to use as the project advances.  Another project in Bellevue, Washington would have been difficult to photograph because there were many existing trees and buildings blocking the best shots. Our drone images allowed us to fly among them at a low altitude and combine those images with computer generated ones for a seamless effect.

Neoscape employed the same technique for 22 Liberty, the residential building under construction at Fan Pier.  Photographing that site with a drone enabled us to show the amazing panoramic views someone living in one of those homes will see.

Here’s the result:

At Neoscape, we believe in the power of fresh viewpoints and perspectives. We hope Sen. Hedlund does, too.

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