Arts Information and 澳门威尼斯十大官网 during the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

COVID 19 image signSeveral weeks have gone by since the start of the COVID-19 Virus pandemic. The world as we knew it has changed, with businesses closed, people practicing social distancing, and arts 事件 and activities postponed or being rescheduled. Everyone is trying to figure out how to manage as this national emergency continues, and no one knows when it will all end. No one knows what things will be like when we are all able to go out and be together in public again.

Arts organizations have been hit especially hard at this time. Many of them are staffed by small numbers of people, and rely greatly on volunteers. Working remotely presents challenges due to lack of resources to set up home offices. Cancelling 事件 presents many challenges, and the loss of revenue is tremendous. It is a stressful time!

Here is a list of some resources that could be helpful to arts organizations and artists. Brief descriptions and links are included. This list will be updated as new resources are available.

Stay strong and stay positive in this trying time. We all know how important the arts are to the well being of our country. We will weather this storm and come out even better!

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Emergency Fund for Artists:  Artists and creative workers living in Allegheny, 海狸, 巴特勒, Washington, 劳伦斯, 印第安纳州, 格林, 菲也特, Washington, and Westmoreland counties are eligible to request up to $500. The fund will be open, but not limited to, the following uses: Financial losses due to cancelled 事件, including performances in all performing arts, disciplines, 阅读, and speaking opportunities, and offsetting loss of income for teaching artists who could not teach during this time because of cancelled classes and school closures

National Association of Non-Profits 澳门威尼斯十大官网: shared by Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations:   A variety of information on COVID-19 virus pandemic and a lot of information about how non-profits can manage at this time

Information from the Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation: information for employers and employees

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts: information for arts organizations and artists

National Endowment for the Arts:  news release on their Relief Aid Fund

Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation: list of resources for artists and arts organizations