COVID-19 Virus Pandemic Impact Survey

The Americans for the Arts (AFTA) is playing a vital part in learning the impact of the Covid-19 Virus pandemic on the arts community. You can access a great deal of information by visiting their website at Americans for the Arts. The site includes a blog with current information, links to news articles, links to financial resources and much much more.

Americans for the Arts has created a survey to gather data and stories from around the country on the economic impart that the arts and culture communities are facing due to the coronavirus. Please click on the link below to take part in the survey. It will take only a few minutes. The responses will give AFTA a strong foundation as they work to promote the inclusion of the arts and culture sector in any stimulus package options and other federal relief measures. Your information is important in this process!

There is a dashboard which shows current data on the impact on arts organizations, based on what has already been reported. This information refreshes as needed. Click here for the dashboard.

Link to AFTA Survey:
Please take the survey here:

Thank you for taking the time for this survey!